Welcome to thedigitalhistorian! My name is Zoe White and I am currently pursuing a biology degree at The University of the West Indies St. Augustine. This semester I decided I would take a course outside of my degree called Digital History.  As part of the coursework component we were required to create a website using WordPress which relates to some aspect of Caribbean history.

My website is based on the presidential history of my country Trinidad and Tobago. I chose this topic simply because it is a crucial part of the history of my country and recently it was brought to my attention that many people of my generation lack this basic knowledge. My aim is to highlight all aspects that entail being a President in Trinidad and Tobago. Particularly, the process to become a president, the role of a president and the lives of the 5 Presidents who served Trinidad and Tobago. I hope this site will enlighten citizens of Trinidad and Tobago as well as people around the world who dare to read.